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We sell landscaping and construction materials such as decorative gravel, construction gravel, topsoil, garden soil, sand and mulches at contractor prices. Many of our products are similar to those sold in bags at local home improvement centers.

Construction Gravels

Construction gravels, composed of crushed stone, sand, and gravel, are the cornerstone of any construction project, offering essential structural support, stability, and drainage. From roadways to buildings, these versatile aggregates provide the foundation for durable infrastructure, ensuring longevity and resilience.

Landscape Gravels

Landscape gravels, a blend of various stones and pebbles, transform outdoor spaces with their natural beauty and functionality. Whether used to create pathways, accentuate garden beds, or add texture to hardscapes, landscape gravels offer a versatile and aesthetic solution for enhancing any outdoor environment.


Mulch, a gardener’s secret weapon, enriches soil, retains moisture, and suppresses weeds, fostering healthy plant growth and vibrant landscapes. Whether in flower beds, vegetable gardens, or around trees, mulch provides essential nutrients and insulation, creating a nurturing environment for flourishing greenery.

Soils & Sands

Soils & sands, the bedrock of landscaping and construction, offer the essential groundwork for building projects and nurturing plant life. From providing stability in construction to promoting healthy root development in gardens, these foundational materials play a pivotal role in shaping our outdoor environments.

Special Order

Special order gravel & landscaping materials cater to unique project requirements, offering tailored solutions for even the most demanding landscaping endeavors. From custom blends to specific sizes, these materials provide versatility and precision, ensuring the perfect fit for any design vision.

Railroad Ties

Railroad ties, sturdy and weather-resistant, serve as versatile landscaping elements, adding rustic charm and structure to outdoor spaces. Whether used for retaining walls, garden borders, or raised flower beds, these durable timbers offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Bagged Material

Bagged landscaping materials offer convenience and versatility for projects big and small, from backyard beautification to large-scale renovations. With a wide range of options including mulch, soil, and decorative stones, these ready-to-use bags simplify landscaping tasks while ensuring quality results.

Equipment Services

The Gravel Company offers convenient dump trailer equipment rental services, providing customers with the tools they need for efficient material transport. Whether for construction projects or landscaping endeavors, our reliable trailers ensure hassle-free transportation and smooth operations.

Dump Truck Pricing

The Gravel Company sets the standard for competitive dump truck pricing, offering cost-effective solutions for material transportation needs. With transparent pricing and flexible options, customers can trust in affordability without compromising on quality service.

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